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Sep 01, 2020

How Realtors are Building Better Mail Lists and Selling More Homes with

The hyper-competitive realtor landscape poses a serious dilemma for those looking to buy or sell homes. With so many options out there, how do you pick one person to work with? After a while, they all seem the same.
As hard as it is for customers to pick a realtor, it’s even harder for the realtors themselves. They have the seemingly impossible task of advertising their services in a very crowded industry. They have to stand out, but they can’t come across like they value profits over people. It’s a difficult industry, and these realtors need every edge they can get.
It’s clear that the digital landscape is very crowded, and consumers are becoming better at avoiding ads all the time. But what if there was a way for realtors to promote themselves in a way that cuts through the digital clutter? What if the best realtors could present themselves in the best possible light? What if you, as a realtor, could get a one-on-one discussion with the very consumer you’re targeting?
That’s what direct mail can provide. And that’s what’s possible if you use direct mail the right way.

How Realtors Market

There are many ways for realtors to market themselves. It’s common for realtors to create their own websites, write blogs and maintain presences on social media. These are fine tools, and they can be effective. But they only go so far.
That’s because without a personal connection, these digital marketing methods are merely window dressing. Every realtor claims they’re the best. Every realtor promises customer satisfaction, and every realtor says they can save their customers money. But what’s the assurance for a buyer or seller? If you’re a realtor simply spitting these claims into the virtual vacuum, you’re simply telling people about your abilities, but not really selling them on why they should choose you.
So, then, how do you sell them? You go out and you make that personal connection. You give your card to people you meet. You give out pens, flash drives and any number of other keepsakes with your name and number included. You get out into the community and make your presence known at local events.
These methods are a step above relying solely on digital communication. But even this in-person marketing can be quickly forgotten. So what else can you do?
There’s nothing like a referral from a previous customer to sell a buyer or seller on your abilities as a realtor. Unfortunately, getting all of your customers through referrals is unrealistic. The answer, then, is to give people the next best thing. Something tangible that showcases what you’re all about. Something people can stick on their fridge until they’re ready to make a move. Something that rises above the crowded digital market, and something that means more than just a pen with your name on it.

Why Direct Mail Matters

It’s easy to post an update on your social media account or to write a blog about changes in the real estate industry. But these updates aren’t nearly as incisive as direct mail.
Why is direct mail so important? Simply put, it’s the medium that yields the biggest response from consumers. Direct mail response rates are as high as nine percent -- a far cry from the one percent response rate of email. In other words, if you send direct mail to 100 people, you might get nine responses. It would take emailing 900 people to get that many responses via email.
It’s not just about the response rate, though. Direct mail represents your best chance at engaging your prospective customer in an individualized pitch. With direct mail, the recipient is physically holding your mailer. They can see and feel your communication, and they can start to build a connection with you already. As a realtor, it’s that personal touch that sets you apart from the competition -- and through direct mail, you’re already starting to build that bond.

Building Mail Lists

Of course, there are different forms of physical advertising for realtors. You can buy advertising in the local town crier, but guess what? There’s a different realtor on the next page. It’s not hard to see why direct mail is a far better option than any other sort of mail-based advertising.
So, now that you know that direct mail is legitimate, how do you reach the people that are ready to buy? Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it might seem.
It’s easy enough to start with your current distribution list. These are people that you’ve worked with before, or have signed up for communications with you at local events. These are people that you could send direct mail to -- but they might not be ready to buy or sell at this exact minute. Instead, you’ll want to focus on people that are likely to be looking for the very services you provide.
The good news is that a lot of information you need is just a few clicks away online. A simple public records search can let you know of homeowners who have just evicted tenants. You can also identify landlord-owned homes in the hopes that those individuals might want to get out of renting and sell their properties. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and your ability to identify these triggers for buying or selling will help you to get a jump on the competition.
However, there’s some information that’s not as readily available. You may be on the lookout for specific demographics, such as income, age or location-based metrics. This information is available to you, but it’s typically something you have to pay for. In this instance, you have to pay for the list, and then you have to pay to distribute direct mail to this population. This adds time and expense to your marketing plan.


If you’re interested in combining list compilation with sending direct mail, has you covered. We can help you in both areas. We can assist in the creation of your direct mail marketing list, and we can send everyone on that list a postcard that meets your exact specifications.
On, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to reach out to potential customers. You have two options -- Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) or Targeted Direct Mail. With EDDM, simply select the zip code and mail carrier route of your choice, and we’ll deliver your postcard to everyone on that route. If you aren’t sure exactly who you want getting your postcards, use Targeted Direct Mail to send your postcards only to individuals the exact demographics you’re targeting.
Whether you want to target a specific zip code or a particular demographic will help you with selling more homes, while taking the hassle out of your marketing. Check out our mail options today, and get started on a better way to market.

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