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Aug 10, 2020 –Your Solution For EDDM Print & Mail Services

What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is a special USPS mail program used to promote small businesses in the local community. If you're opening a new location, starting a sale, or even re-opening post COVID-19, EDDM will help you reach the right customers via oversized postcards and menus. It's a new way to think about marketing your business to every door in the neighborhood, without the need for specific addresses or names. Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM saves businesses time from having to create/buy leads with mailing addresses.

Differences between Direct Mail and EDDM?

Regular direct mail requires businesses to come up with a list of their own addresses from their internal databases or purchasing a list from a reputable list vendor. Generating a quality list of mailing addresses can be challenging for newbie’s and even some veterans. Regular direct mail also allows businesses to pick and choose which houses on the block receive your mail. Regular direct mail only allows a maximum size of 6”x11”.

EDDM mail program is a special postal service that allows mailing customers to do direct mail without generating a list of mailing addresses. The USPS allows mailing customers to do mailings based on USPS “routes”. The mailing customer chooses carrier routes, orders the printing for the number of mailboxes on the routes; the USPS delivers those carrier routes. You must mail to everyone on that route, although you can choose to include or exclude businesses and only deliver to residences if you choose. You can click here to begin building your EDDM Mailing. EDDM mailing also allows for larger size postcards and EDDM has the lowest postage available of any mailing available to businesses.

Benefits of EDDM over regular direct mail

Every Door Direct Mail offers businesses in New York several advantages over traditional direct mail programs. EDDM allows you to send the largest postcards and menus at the cheapest postage possible. There is also no need to have your own mailing list as our EDDM tool allows you to choose who you mail too based on postal routes. This allows small businesses the opportunity to quickly and easily send their message to everyone in the surrounding area. Many small businesses get a majority of their business from people living right around them, EDDM is your best way to reach those people. - Your go-to to printers for EDDM Print & Mail services in New York and Nationwide! offers you an easy one-stop shopping experience to get your EDDM campaign deployed fast and cost-effectively. Select your routes, get design help if needed, then we print and handle all the mailing and post office hassle for you, in only 2 days, no one does it faster! Start here by selecting EDDM, then type in your business address, or the center point of your desired neighborhood. Choose all of your postal routes using our advanced USPS verified mapping software, and let us know what size postcard or menu you want to send. Upload your files or choose our professional design option and you are done!

Why Rushprint?

Our mapping software gives you all the details, as you choose each route we provide you all the data you need including the number of homes & businesses, total deliveries, average home size, average household income, and median age. We offer all of the popular sizes of postcards and menus that fit EDDM regulations and are proven to get you noticed the most when mailed.

Need help with design and messaging? We have you covered, our professional design service is fast and affordable and always hits the mark! We schedule a quick 10-15 minute meeting with you to discuss your project and understand your goals. Then your design is ready for you the next day with professional copywriting based on the details you provided. We allow up to 5 rounds of revisions because we’re happy when you’re happy…most clients only need 2 and the more you work with our team it only gets better. 

Complete in-house modern printing facility! Did you know most places that sell mail aren’t even printers? They’re just salesmen and you’re paying a middle man. We have complete in-house production from end to end, ensuring the fastest and most secure production of your mail. All mail is sent out within 48 hours of approval with some projects going out the NEXT DAY! No one does it faster, just look at our name.

Speaking of fast… time is money! And you know what… money is also money! We get it budgets are tight and we know you need to maximize your return on investment. Which is why our low all-inclusive pricing includes postage, no hidden surprises here.

EDDM regulations made easy!

There are many postal regulations for Every Door Direct Mail if you were going to try and do it yourself, but makes it easy for you by:

·         Allowing you to choose the right routes

·         Verifying the counts of prints you want

·         Counting the stacks

·         Filling out the proper paperwork

·         Adding the proper facing/bundle slips

·         Packaging up the mail in a Priority Mail USPS shipment

·         Delivering your mail right to the post office

EDDM provides one of the best returns on investment, period.

Unlike other forms of direct mail, there's no need for mailing permits or lists, and it’s up to 70% less expensive than traditional direct mail postage costs. Less postage costs means more money for more message. There is no cheaper way to reach a large audience than with our EDDM mail programs. Larger audiences means more sales. Our mail pays for itself.

Let us take the guess work out of EDDM!

Our expert team of printers &mail consultants, designers, and marketers are experienced in all aspects of EDDM and we are here to ease all your printing and marketing stress.

Let’s start getting your business more business right now!

Best Wishes from our team at!

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