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Our door hangers are an oversized 4.25”x11” with a standard 1.125” hole and slit die-cut in the top. Perfect to fit
around most doorknobs. They are available on 14pt or 16pt Gloss Coated Cover or 16pt Uncoated Cover. 14pt
and 16pt Coated Cover Door hangers are available with Gloss UV Coating on both sides.


14pt or 16pt Coated Cover

Thick and even thicker, smooth,
low gloss finish card stock,
perfect for door hangers with lots of color.

16pt Uncoated Cover

Our super thick 16pt uncoated cover has a
bright white smooth uncoated paper finish,
perfect for elegant door hangers with minimal graphics.

14pt or 16pt High Gloss

Our high gloss door hangers start out as 14pt or 16pt coated cover and then go through a special coating process that put a mirror like shine on both sides.



We understand your image is on the line with every job we print. A
responsibility we take seriously and is why we have an intensive
triple check quality compliance process that each job must pass.
- All art is reviewed prior to printing.
- Each job is run by itself to ensure that best color possible.
- Each job is inspected prior to shipping after finishing.
- We get your job right the first time, every time.


We didn't become one of New York's most popular printers by
accident. It took twenty years of getting it done, when other said it
couldn't be done. Being there for our clients when they needed
us most. We know there are lot of options out there, we enjoy
being the one that comes through when you need us most.
- State of art equipment.
- 20 years experience.
- Working to make you look better.


Time is money and everyday you wait, is an opportunity missed.
We start working on your job as soon as your order is placed.
Our production times are consistently among the industry best.
- All work is done on state of the art equipment.
- Computer controlled cutting and finishing.
- When you need it now you need us.

Pre-designed Templates

We take pride in bringing you contemporary design templates that
successful businesses actually use to represent their brand. You don’t
always have time or money to hire a graphic artist. Don’t let that stop
you from communicating with your clients.
- Great for inspiration when designing.
- Easy to customize with our design studio in minutes.
- Save time and begin the conversation today.