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How Targeted Direct Mail Works

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Targeted Direct Mail uses our advanced mapping software to pick only the specific customers that fit your criteria with laser focus. Once your list is built you choose the postcard size that best fits your message, choose between Presort Standard or Presort First Class postage and your message is in the mail within only 2 days. Simple, Cheap, and Effective.

This type of mail campaign is ideal for:

We provide you with the complete package for success

We provide you with the complete package for success

  • No confusing postal paperwork and low bulk rate postage
  • No surprise costs, even postage is included
  • No long & costly delays, 2 day standard production
  • No trips to the post office, we handle everything
  • No more wasted spend in advertising, our mail pays for itself
  • No headaches we’re here to help every step of the way

Our software locates only the
customers that match your criteria

No more waste! Build your best Targeted Mailing list with our powerful mapping tool

For certain businesses your message is just not for everyone, it’s critical you reach the right audience!

Our advanced mapping software finds you the best customers based on your specific demographic and geographic criteria. All data is verified accurate and deliverable, no more wasted spend for you.

Within minutes you can select your area of focus, then choose between Business, Consumer, New Mover, New Homeowner, or New Business databases. Within each database is a list of specific choices to laser focus your list, such as household income, own or rent, cooking preferences, size of a business, SICS codes for types of businesses and many more. No matter how specific your message we can target your ideal customer or businesses.

We offer the best data at the lowest rates, STOP OVERPAYING FOR YOUR MAIL LIST!

Our mail pays for itself and generates you more sales

By focusing on only the right customers for your business we reduce spend and increase your ROI

We make Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns fast, cheap and effective. Our low comprehensive pricing includes your mailing list, all printing production, mail presorting, addressing, and mail paperwork, then we deliver to the post office and pay your postage.

Our mail pays for itself! Because of our low prices and the quickest production available it’s never been easier to benefit from Direct Mail.

We even offer professional graphic design and copywriting services.

Can you make my digital advertising just as effective?

Yes we can! Using our advanced software we match postal addresses with digital addresses

With every Targeted Direct Mailing we offer our clients the ability to add digital marketing to their campaign. With Facebook Ads and Email Marketing added to your campaign your success rates are amplified and you have a one stop marketing solution that combines both print and digital.

Facebook Ads

  • Our Facebook Ads are built and designed for you and shown to the same audience as your mailing.
  • Once a day, every day for a month your audience is shown your Ad, increasing your reach and results
  • Pricing is all inclusive and includes your Ad spend, no surprises, only results

Email Marketing

  • Email Campaigns can also be added to any Targeted Direct Mailing.
  • No email list required, our software matches up to 50% of your mailing list with verified addresses.
  • This is a fast easy way to build your own email marketing list.
  • Need help? We’ll teach you! Just select professional design help with your order and we will handle everything.

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